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On November 22, 2023, the Artificial Intelligence (Regulation) Bill was introduced into the UK Parliament’s House of Lords. The purpose of the Bill is to make provision for the regulation of AI and for connected purposes. 

The Bill has two general focuses. Firstly, it proposes the creation of an “AI Authority” with various functions, including ensuring that regulators take AI into account and are aligned in their approach, coordinating a review of the suitability of relevant legislation such as product safety, privacy and consumer protection on AI, and accrediting independent AI auditors. In addition, the Bill expresses that the AI Authority must have regard to certain principles in specific circumstances, for example the principle of safety, security and robustness when considering the regulation of AI.

Secondly, the AI Bill places several obligations on the UK Secretary of State to make further regulations, for example regarding the designation of an AI officer, transparency when supplying an AI product, and opportunities to give or withhold informed consent.

The Bill has passed the First Reading and is currently at the Second Reading stage.