On May 3, 2019, the International Association of Privacy Professionals (“IAPP”) honored Centre for Information Policy Leadership (“CIPL”) President Bojana Bellamy with the 2019 IAPP Privacy Vanguard Award during its Global Privacy Summit in Washington, D.C. The IAPP also honored European Data Protection Supervisor Giovanni Buttarelli with its 2019 Privacy Leadership Award. Since the early 2000s the IAPP has recognized professionals and organizations making a difference in the world of privacy through these yearly awards.

The Privacy Vanguard Award is presented annually to a privacy professional who has demonstrated exceptional and consistent leadership, knowledge and creativity in the field of privacy and data protection. Bellamy joins a group of fifteen other recipients honored with the award since its inception in 2004.

Bellamy receiving the 2019 IAPP Vanguard Award surrounded by fellow privacy professionals Justin Weiss, Global Head of Data Privacy at Naspers Group, Laura Juanes, Global Director of Privacy Policy Engagement at Facebook, and Omer Tene, Vice President and Chief Knowledge Officer at IAPP.

“Her energy, dynamic nature, intelligence and sophistication all make her an absolutely phenomenal choice for our Vanguard Award. Bojana checks every single box on a checklist of the qualities you look for in a fantastic privacy professional,” said IAPP President and CEO J. Trevor Hughes when speaking about Bellamy’s selection for the award.

Lisa Sotto, head of Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP’s top-ranked global privacy and cybersecurity practice and one of the founding members of CIPL, said of the achievement, “This is not only a wonderful accomplishment for Bojana, but it also exemplifies how CIPL augments our firm’s privacy practice. We congratulate Bojana on this well-deserved recognition.”

Several industry professionals nominated Bellamy for the award. “Bojana spearheads privacy globally and sets and drives the agenda, developing global solutions for privacy and the responsible use of data. Leading CIPL’s work on corporate digital responsibility, responsible global data flows, and engaging with regulators, she has positioned herself and CIPL uniquely as the global partner not only for businesses but also for policymakers and regulators. I can’t think of anyone more deserving of the Vanguard Award than Bojana,” said Florian Thoma, Senior Director of Data Privacy at Accenture.

Caroline Louveaux, Chief Privacy Officer at Mastercard, shared similar observations. “I am delighted that Bojana received the Vanguard award this year. This is so well deserved. Not only is Bojana a trailblazer in the field of privacy policy and compliance but she is leading industry efforts to determine practical implications of new privacy laws and to engage in constructive dialogue with policymakers, regulators and key stakeholders globally on the responsible use of data.”

Commenting on Bellamy’s milestone achievement, Knut Mager, Head of Global Data Privacy at Novartis, noted, “Bojana has a passion for both unlocking the value of data for innovation and protecting individuals. She is exceptionally skilled in catalyzing and directing constructive conversation of diverse stakeholder groups. Bojana is a true thought leader in privacy.”

Asked about Bellamy’s contribution to the field, Laura Juanes, Global Director of Privacy Policy Engagement at Facebook, remarked, “She is a true asset to the privacy community and constantly at the forefront of the latest legal and policy developments. As privacy becomes more and more relevant to organizations and individuals, we need voices like Bojana’s that are able to not only identify the issues and to connect the dots on a global level, but to provide real solutions and strategies for protecting personal data.”

Reflecting on her achievement, Bellamy stated, “There is no bigger award than being recognized by one’s peers, who are all amazing privacy professionals, doing important work every day and delivering constantly in a complex and challenging environment of global data privacy law, compliance and policy. I am not only hugely proud of this award, but also humbled by the responsibility that comes with this line of work.”

When accepting the award, Bellamy reflected that she never knew she would end up being a privacy professional or have the role she has now. What motivates her every day, she said, was the sense of having a purpose and having an impact. “The purpose for me was delivering a solution and solving a problem that needs addressing. The impact meant that what l do, even just a little bit, makes a difference to somebody and turns a dial and touches people – a colleague, a regulator, another privacy professional…And there has not been a better time for privacy professionals to have more of a purpose and an impact than today. Our society, our companies, leadership and colleagues will demand and expect that of us – to help solve the complex problems of delivering both data privacy and responsible innovation in the modern digital age and to make an impact on the way we all live, interact and work. The time of privacy professionals has finally arrived! This is hugely exciting for the work that I and my A-team at CIPL do and makes me want to get up and do better and more every single day.”

Bellamy has led CIPL since September 2013. She currently sits on the Datum Future Advisory Board, the Internet Commission Advisory Board, the International Data Privacy Law Journal Advisory Board and the OECD’s Privacy Guidelines Expert Group. She also participates in many industry groups and is a regular speaker at international privacy and data security conferences. Prior to joining CIPL, Bellamy served for 12 years as the Global Director of Data Privacy at Accenture and worked for eight years as Principal Consultant with Privacy Laws and Business. She was elected Chair of the International Association of Privacy Professionals from 2011-2012 and served as a Board member from 2008-2013.

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