Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP, in coordination with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, recently issued a report setting forth best practices for an effective data breach notification framework (the “Report”). Lead Hunton authors are Lisa J. Sotto, chair of the Global Privacy and Cybersecurity practice, and partners Brittany M. Bacon and Aaron P. Simpson.

The Report proposes a framework for effective data breach notification legislation across the globe, designed to be replicated at scale and implemented in a culturally sensitive manner. It also provides an overview of current regimes and how they vary by geography and industry sector.

“Given the ubiquity of data and the fact that a single incident can impact personal information about individuals from around the world, there is a need for international alignment on guiding principles and a harmonized approach for effective breach notification,” Sotto said. “Consistent reporting requirements would promote predictability and consistency for those affected by a breach.”

The Chamber of Commerce introduced the Report at a roundtable discussion with member companies on February 13. The event was hosted by the Chamber’s Sean Heather, Senior Vice President of International Regulatory Affairs, with Sotto highlighting key aspects.

Download a copy of the report.