On February 24, 2010, the French Senate’s Committee of Laws published an amended bill on the right to privacy in the digital age (“Proposition de loi visant à garantir le droit à la vie privée à l’heure du numérique”) (the “Bill”).  Following the initial draft presented by Senators Yves Détraigne and Anne-Marie Escoffier, this revised version is based on a second Senate Report in which concrete proposals are made to amend the Data Protection Act.
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On December 7, 2009, the Business Forum for Consumer Privacy released “A Use and Obligations Approach to Protecting Privacy: A Discussion Document” at the Federal Trade Commission’s roundtable entitled “Exploring Privacy.”  The roundtable was a first step in the FTC’s effort to re-examine privacy protection in light of rapid, dynamic changes in technology, advances in data analytics and increasingly ubiquitous data collection and use.  The paper is the product of a three year effort on the part of the Forum to develop an approach to protecting data that meets the needs of businesses and consumers in this emerging environment.  The paper may be found at www.informationpolicycentre.com.
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