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In an article published in Practical Law, Lisa J. Sotto, Bridget Treacy and Naomi McBride of Hunton and Williams examine the future viability of the Safe Harbor Framework in light of criticism from the EU stemming from disclosures regarding the U.S. government’s surveillance programs.
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On December 16, 2013, a U.S. federal district court judge granted a preliminary injunction barring the government from collecting and analyzing metadata related to two consumers’ mobile phone accounts, finding that the NSA’s “indiscriminate” systematic collection of telephone records likely violates the Fourth Amendment.
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As reported by Bloomberg BNA, the Irish Office of the Data Protection Commissioner has stated that it will not investigate complaints relating to the alleged involvement of Facebook Ireland Inc. and Apple Distribution International in the PRISM surveillance program.
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On July 24, 2013, Federal and State Data Protection Commissioners in Germany issued a press release stating that foreign intelligence and security agencies threaten international data traffic between Germany and countries located outside the European Union.
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The United States Supreme Court’s recent decision in a FISA case is likely to have a significant impact on privacy and data breach-related class actions, possibly thwarting the ability of individuals affected by breaches to assert standing based on a fear of possible future harm.
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