The U.S. Department of Justice has unsealed an indictment accusing nine Iranian nationals of engaging in a “massive and brazen cyber assault” against at least 176 universities, 47 private companies and 7 government agencies and non-governmental organizations, including the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.
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In March 2014, the State Postal Bureau of the People’s Republic of China formally issued three rules establishing significant requirements regarding the protection of personal information. This blog post highlights some of the key elements of the new rules, which are now in effect.
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On November 27, 2013, the State Postal Bureau of the People’s Republic of China released five draft normative rules for solicitation of public comment. This blog entry highlights three of these rules relating to the protection of personal information. The deadline for submitting comments on the rules is December 27, 2013.
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In addition to a series of new data protection regulations in China, a recent crackdown by Shanghai authorities reflects the Chinese government’s increased focus on the protection of personal information.
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On August 1, 2013, a federal district court in Minnesota denied a criminal defendant’s motion to suppress evidence, holding that the defendant had no reasonable expectation of privacy in computer files he had shared on a peer-to-peer network.
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