The Centre for Information Policy Leadership at Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP recently published a discussion paper on “Comparison of US State Privacy Laws: Data Protection Assessments.” This blog entry provides a summary of the paper and a link to download a copy of the paper.
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On February 12, 2024, California bill AB-1949 was referred to the Assembly Committee on Privacy and Consumer Protection. The bill would amend the California Consumer Privacy Act (as amended by the California Privacy Rights Act) to significantly expand businesses’ obligations with respect to the personal information of consumers under the age of 18.
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California class action plaintiffs have begun to file under a new theory—the pen register and trap and trace device theory under Section 638.51 of the California Invasion of Privacy Act. A recent California decision denied the motion to dismiss as to the Section 638.51 claim, rejecting the argument that the defendant’s software was not a pen register.
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