On February 8, 2022, BTI Consulting Group honored Hunton partners Aaron Simpson and Lisa Sotto as BTI Client Service All-Stars for 2022. Aaron and Lisa join a select group of lawyers identified as client service leaders by corporate counsel at the world’s leading organizations. Lisa, also recognized as a Super All-Star, breaks BTI records by being nominated by six clients, the highest number of nominations so far. The BTI Client Service All-Stars “is the only ranking and attorney recognition relying solely on clients.” BTI singles out these attorneys as practical, savvy, in the know, available, nimble, and skilled to deal with complex issues.

Aaron notes that his client service philosophy is a “client matter may be won, but a meaningful and lasting client relationship must be built, brick-by-brick,” which is reflected in his work. Clients have said that Aaron Simpson “makes sure his advice and approach are aligned with the company culture” and “makes it much easier for us to sleep at night.” Clients note that “Lisa and her team are thought leaders,” and she “is very responsive, which gives me peace of mind.”

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