In a “Ten Years Hence” speaker series hosted by the University of Notre Dame, Lisa Sotto, Chair of Hunton Andrews Kurth’s global Privacy and Cybersecurity practice, highlights why privacy and cybersecurity will remain relevant issues now and for decades to come in a lecture on Privacy and Cybersecurity: The New Frontier.

Unlike other developed nations, the United States continues to lack a comprehensive privacy and data protection regime, instead regulating privacy by industry sector and through myriad federal and state laws, creating what Lisa calls “a patchwork quilt” of complex regulation. In the lecture, Lisa speaks to recent U.S. regulatory and legislative trends that have begun to shape a new era of privacy by imposing rules that are more prescriptive in nature while simultaneously expanding the scope of covered data, and reflecting evolving technology and societal needs. This new frontier of privacy also includes evolving accountability mechanisms such as board oversight and reporting obligations.

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