In part two of our podcast by Never Stop Learning, Lisa Sotto, partner and chair of Hunton Andrews Kurth’s Privacy and Cybersecurity practice, and Eric Friedberg, Co-President of Stroz Friedberg, LLC, and Aon’s Cyber Solutions Group, discuss the fragmented nature of data security law in the U.S. and abroad. Sotto notes that the “patchwork quilt of regulation” in the U.S. regarding data security makes it difficult for companies to know what rules to implement. She stresses that the severity of cyber attacks has increased significantly over the past decade.

As Sotto and Friedberg discuss the timeline of a breach, they note that only 60% of breach incidents are internally identified. And due to new laws and social media pressure, the speed with which individuals expect to be notified of breach events is increasing. This can prove difficult given that all the facts surrounding a breach event may not be known, forcing companies to occasionally backpedal on initial public statements. While the nature of such speedy breach responses can lend themselves to uncertainty, Sotto is sure of one thing—if you don’t frame the issue, you can be sure others will do it for you.

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The final segment will be released in the coming weeks. If you missed it, listen to Part 1.

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