On March 23, 2016, the Chairwoman of the French Data Protection Authority (“CNIL”) opened proceedings that will lead to the release of a compliance pack on connected vehicles.

The CNIL announced that the compliance pack will contain guidelines regarding the responsible use of personal data for the next generation of vehicles. It will assist various stakeholders in the industry prepare for the General Data Protection Regulation.

Compliance packs are a new toolkit developed by the CNIL to identify and disseminate best practices in a specific sector while simplifying the formalities to register the data processing for organizations that comply with such practices. Therefore, compliance packs may include practical guidance, compliance tests and decisions issued by the CNIL laying down requirements to benefit from a simplified registration procedure. Compliance packs are drafted after consultation with multiple industry participants. To date, the CNIL has published three compliance packs: one pack for smart meters, one for welfare accommodation and one for the insurance sector. Two new compliance packs are currently being drafted for the banking and social welfare sectors.