On November 19, 2015, the White House released a fact sheet from the 23rd Annual APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting in the Philippines. Under the section on Enhancing Regional Economic Integration, representatives from the U.S. and other APEC economies reinforced their commitment to the ongoing implementation of the APEC Cross-Border Privacy Rules (“CBPR”) system for information controllers.

At the meeting, the U.S. and other APEC economies worked to expand trade and investment by “facilitating cross border business activity through the expansion of globally interoperable privacy frameworks through economy and industry participation in the APEC Cross Border Privacy Rules (CBPR) System, as well as working to develop bridges between APEC CBPR’s and similar systems in Europe.”

In addition, the APEC 2015 Leaders’ Declaration and the 2015 APEC Joint Ministerial Meeting Statement reference the importance of cross-border privacy and the CBPR system and an increased participation among member economies.