On October 6 and 7, 2015, the Centre for Information Policy Leadership at Hunton & Williams LLP (“CIPL”), a global privacy policy think-tank based in Washington D.C. and London, and the Instituto Brasiliense de Direito Publico, a legal institute based in Brazil, will co-host a two-day Global Data Privacy Dialogue in Brazil, at the IDP’s conference facilities.

The conference will bring together Brazilian and international privacy experts from government, industry and academia to discuss how to achieve effective privacy protection for individuals, while at the same time enabling technological innovation and the beneficial uses of personal data in the age of Big Data and the Internet of Things. The Global Data Privacy Dialogue is part of an initiative to facilitate and support international expert engagement with key Brazilian stakeholders during Brazil’s ongoing process to develop a comprehensive privacy law.

During the conference, participants from Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, Europe, the United States and Canada will discuss:

  • the realities of modern information technology and information uses;
  • Brazil’s draft privacy legislation and other important global developments in data protection;
  • how to govern global data flows;
  • how to apply core privacy principles such as consent in the modern information age;
  • how to design effective organizational privacy compliance programs and best practices; and
  • the role of a national data protection authority.

“Achieving the dual goal of privacy and beneficial use of data is imperative, and we don’t need to sacrifice one for the other. Our hope is that we can bring to bear the tremendous wealth of experience that already exists around the world on the many important privacy policy issues currently being considered in Brazil,” said Bojana Bellamy, CIPL’s president. “Brazil is an important economy and whatever happens in Brazil on privacy legislation will have a global impact.”

Laura Schertel Mendes, IDP Researcher, and Sérgio Alves Jr., IDP Executive Secretary, welcomed the collaboration with CIPL. Schertel noted, “Brazil has achieved global attention as a leader in internet policymaking by liaising national and international communities of academics, governmental agencies, private companies and civil society.”

“We expect this Dialogue will contribute to the discussion on how to improve the Brazilian legal framework with effective, updated, and enforceable privacy protection tools and policies,” Alves added.

Speakers for the Dialogue include: Virgilio Almeida, Secretary for Information Technology from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation; Peter Hustinx, former European Data Protection Supervisor; Juliana Pereira da Silva, National Secretary of the Consumer in Brazil’s Ministry of Justice; Maximiliano Martinhão, Secretary of Telecommunications, Ministry of Communications; and David Smith, Deputy Commissioner and Director of Data Protection, UK Information Commissioner’s Office.

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