Mexico’s Ministry of Economy and Federal Institute for Access to Information and Data Protection (the “IFAI”) will issue the first set of regulations implementing Mexico’s new private sector data protection law the week of April 11, 2011.  These first regulations will cover the legal requirements to provide privacy notices to consumers and to appoint a designated privacy official, which go into effect in July 2011.  The two agencies want to ensure that the private sector has adequate time to prepare appropriate privacy notices prior to the July effective date.  The balance of the law, granting individual participation rights to consumers, becomes effective in January 2012.

At this time, a joint committee of the Ministry of Economy and IFAI is about 80% through the process of drafting the implementing regulations.  In addition, the agencies plan to issue guidance to accompany their regulations.  We will post the Centre for Information Policy Leadership’s English translation of the regulations when they are released, and will report on any subsequent guidance when it is issued.

Update: Read an unofficial English translation of the law.

Update: Read our June 24, 2011 post on implementation guidance provided by Mexico’s Ministry of Economy and IFAI.