The Yomiuri Shimbun has been following a story regarding the November 25, 2010, release by a Tokyo publisher of a book containing Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department anti-terrorism documents that were leaked on the Internet in October.  According to reports, the book (“Leaked Police Terrorism Info: All Data”) contains 469 pages of unedited personal information of foreign residents who are being monitored by Japanese authorities, as well as the names of the police officers involved in the cases and individuals who have cooperated with police investigations.  On November 29, a District Court in Tokyo halted sales of the book after several affected individuals demanded a court order to prevent further damage.  Publication suspensions of this nature are rare in Japan, as the Japanese Constitution guarantees freedom of speech and prohibits censorship.

The Metropolitan Police Department’s investigation is ongoing at this time.  The MPD has not yet confirmed the authenticity of the leaked documents, which continue to be downloaded by Internet users around the world.