Monthly Archives: November 2010

Data Protection Law and the Ethical Use of Analytics

On November 30, 2010, the Centre for Information Policy Leadership released a white paper, with author Paul Schwartz, entitled "Data Protection Law and The Ethical Use of Analytics," examining the prevalent use and implications of analytics in 21st century organizations. … Continue Reading

Regulating Privacy Across Borders in the Digital Age

Listen to an audio clip from the ABA's Section of Antitrust Law's International Committee and Corporate Counseling Committee's webinar on "Regulating Privacy Across Borders in the Digital Age: An Emerging Global Consensus or Vive la Difference?". … Continue Reading

European Commission Outlines Strategy for Revision of the Data Protection Directive

The European Commission has released a draft Communication explaining its long-awaited strategy for modernizing the EU legal framework for data protection, taking into account the challenges resulting from globalization and new technologies. The European Commission is expected to present new legislative proposals aimed at revising the existing framework in the course of 2011. … Continue Reading