On October 26, 2010, the Centre for Information Policy Leadership (the “Centre”) released its long-awaited paper, “Demonstrating and Measuring Accountability, Accountability Phase II – The Paris Project” at the 32nd International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners in Jerusalem, Israel.  This document is the result of the deliberations of an international working group that includes 60 representatives of business, civil society, government, data protection and privacy enforcement agencies, and the European Data Protection Supervisor.  Acting as Secretariat, the Centre led the collaborative drafting process of the paper and convened meetings facilitated by the CNIL in Paris earlier this year to discuss the Accountability Project.  The document builds upon last year’s work on accountability, “Data Protection Accountability: The Essential Elements, the Galway Project,” and explores what organizations should be prepared to demonstrate to establish their accountability, as well as how regulators should measure accountability.  The paper lists nine common fundamentals of an accountability implementation program that provide guidance to organizations looking to build their programs.

Phase III of the Accountability Project, to be carried out in 2011, will be facilitated by the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

For more information on the Centre’s Accountability project, please visit the Centre’s website.